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Artception. Embroidery and traditional painting in collaborative artwork?

Have you ever seen tufting and embroidery combined with abstract acrylic painting? How often do you actually see multidisciplinary art collaborations with many artists in one art piece?

During the Kunsthaus 2023 residency I among other artists accepted a challenge to create a collaborative artwork. But let’s face it: other artists are traditional or digital artists and they did not work with the soft stuff before. I had to take a lead on the main structure of the artwork and proposed two levels with the ripped canvas one the foreground and tufted elements coming from within.

Collab artwork by Hilkka Helmi, Bayonle Adelakun, Veera Vartiainen,  Pola Laamanen, Alex Markwith
Artception, 140x100x7 cm, 2023

Hilkka Helmi has a bright world with different creatures and she inspired me the most during the residency. Check out her amazing work here.

Veera Vartiainen is a vector goddess- she creates incredible scalable digital art and brings it to life with repurposed plywood boards and ecopoxy.

Alex Markwith has many strong sense of composition and colour and you can not even imagine how productive he was during the residency

Bayonle Adelakun is an oil painter with distinctive dark mysterious world. His patience and positivity created a very welcoming atmosphere in the studio when he was around.

I had to move fast to make my parts ready for the collaborative piece and freehand drawn a simple shape with two small areas for embroidery. Turns out that it was a monster with two eyes that is creeping through an artwork with its soft tentacles. One step closer and you can feel the gentle touch. If you get even closer to the ripped canvas you will notice the flowers in the monster’s eyes. You look at one of the flowers and it looks back at you . You can only now see the eyes and the long tongue of the predator plant. This is how you experience Artception: art within the art within the art. And the last question: would you touch the soft tentacle of a green monster?


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