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Pola Laamanen
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Polina Laamanen (b.1989) in St.Petersburg, Russia is an embroidery and textile artist based in Vantaa, Finland since 2020. She creates one of a kind hand stitched artworks using threads and hand modified textile. Polina has Master's degree in Chemical Engineering from SPbSTUPP (2007-2012)


In 2022 she was featured in the Vogue Scandinavia magazine. In 2023 interview with Polina was featured in the Embroidery Magazine. Back in 2020 she wrote a book about 3D embroidery that was published by EKSMO. 

Polina creates one of a kind hand stitched artworks and original ebooks and tutorials.

In 2016 after changing big city life to countryside she found her unique way of embroidering birds which began a whole career of self employed artist. Most popular hand embroidered jewellery from that time was hen brooch - it was created in many different colour combinations and more than 200 copies.


Over the years Polina established her own recognisable embroidery style where thread painting is combined with hand modified textile. All collected experience Polina shared in series of online workshops with over 3000 participants.


At the moment Polina is working on collection of artworks which combine Scandinavian graphics and realistic botanical embroidery as well as embroidered eyewear.


2020 - The Book 'Three-dimensional realistic embroidery', Hardcover, 144 pages, 4000 copies Publisher EKSMO 


2019 - Series of live workshops in St-Petersburg and Moscow 


2018 - Embroidery online course Toucan with Lectoroom teaching platform  


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Board member HIAA -


Yö -


Art for All -


AFA FEST 2023 'Invitation' - Kalasatama residency, Helsinki, Finland, August 2023 

Kunsthaus - Hakaniemi residency, Helsinki, Finland, September-October 2023


UPCOMING - Solo exhibition, Asbestos art gallery  23.9.-30.9.2024, Helsinki

UPCOMING - Solo exhibition, Myymälä Process wall 8.11.-19.11.2023, Helsinki

Yö kekri v.2 group exhibition - Yö Galleria 13.-20.10.2023 , Helsinki

Kunsthaus 2023 Finnisage - group exhibition 29.-30.09.2023, Paasivuorenkatu 4-6, Helsinki

AFA Festival - Invitation 2023 group exhibition 25.-27.08.2023, Kalasatama, Helsinki


Crayon - YöFest group exhibition 3.3. 31.03-09.04.2023


Botanical studies - GAP window 30.03-21.04.2023

Forest birds collection - Art of dolls International exhibition December 2019 - Gostinniy dvor, Ilinka 4, Moscow, Russia


Tender kiwi collection - Art of dolls International exhibition December 2018 - Gostinniy dvor, Ilinka 4, Moscow, Russia


Miniature embroidered brooches - Bijouterie February 2018, Tishinka, Tishinskaya square 1, Moscow, Russia 


Embroidery and crafts - Craft Bazar 2015 - Art Union House, Bol’shaya Morskaya 38, St-Petersburg, Russia

White goose embroidered brooch


  • Which materials do you use?
    I prefer working with DMC cotton threads and AVAS silk threads. Additionally, I use satin ribbon, silk and silk imitation to create volume parts of my embroidered artworks. The jewellery is embroidered on 100% thin cotton. Base material for other artworks vary from tulle to natural linen or cotton.
  • How long does each embroidery take to make?
    Hand embroidery is not only meditative but also slow and labor-intensive process. Even small piece like this onion brooch takes about 4-5 hours to make. The longest period of working on one art piece is 2 months of daily work.
  • Where can I find artworks available for sale?
    The embroidered jewellery you cam find in my ETSY shop Some of the items are listed on my instagram in the folder with available for sale artworks.
  • Do you take custom orders?
    Yes, but only a few per year. Please, contact me in advance if you want to get a custom artwork.
  • In which issue can I find your Vogue Feature?
    Interview with me and a few pictures of my work can be found in the Issue no.9 Vogue Scandinavia. You can find the digital article here Featured artworks in the article: Sunflower eyeglasses Bird vetch embroidery from Botanical study series August '20 - a month of embroidery on a scroll
  • Do you teach embroidery?
    Yes you can find all available tutorials at the moment here All upcoming live workshops are announced on my Instagram blog follow me to get the freshest updates
  • Can I visit your live workshop?
    At the moment I am located in Helsinki, Finland. I am planning to make live workshops here and all information about them will be available in my Instagram blog
White clover hand embroidery


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