Polina Laamanen born 1989, St.Petersburg, Russia. In 2015 I’ve moved from the city to a small village. There I started exploring and trying out embroidery. At first I designed wearable embroidered accessories - birds, plants and fishes. I combined thread painting with ribbons and other materials. The feeling of the textures and different volume have changed me as I am able to represent feelings through them. In spring 2018 I started a project of embroidered art series. The collection is named “Crayon” as I was inspired with the style of crayon sketches on craft paper.



Forest birds collection - Art of dolls International exhibition December 2019 - Gostinniy dvor, Ilinka 4, Moscow, Russia


Tender kiwi collection - Art of dolls International exhibition December 2018 - Gostinniy dvor, Ilinka 4, Moscow, Russia


Miniature embroidered brooches - Bijouterie February 2018, Tishinka, Tishinskaya square 1, Moscow, Russia 


Embroidery and crafts - Craft Bazar 2015 - Art Union House, Bol’shaya Morskaya 38, St-Petersburg, Russia


2020 - The Book 'Three-dimensional realistic embroidery', Hardcover, 144 pages, 4000 copies Publisher EKSMO 


2019 - Series of live workshops in St-Petersburg and Moscow 


2018 - Embroidery online course Toucan with Lectoroom teaching platform  

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Hi! I am Pola. Would you be surprised, if I tell you that I’m a chemical engineer? And yes, this engineer is handcrafting artefacts instead of working in the office. My mother have worked her lifetime with fabrics, clothing and accessories and she inspired me to do the same.

First steps in handcraft were made when I took crochet in my hands in 2005. First piece was medium size bag made with thin cotton thread and full of crocheted roses and leaves with beaded decoration. I still enjoy crocheting and use this technique for some projects. After crocheting I’ve tried knitting, wet and dry felting, doll making, sewing and other creative ways to express myself. With some time embroidery became my priority and now you can see my own signature technique.

All the details of pieces you can find in my embroidery laboratory PolaLab are carefully made by hand.  I do not use any ready-made flowers and do not use glue to make my own. For flowers and feathers I’m using silk, imitation of silk, satin and atlas laces. Each feather is carefully shaped and toned according to the type of the bird. If there are beads and stones - each of them is attached to the jewellery pieces with a strong thread without glue.

Embroidery was always something full of magic and luxury for me. If you will take a look at the clothes collection in museums you will find gorgeous dresses embroidered with silk or golden threads. Embroidery traditions are going back to centuries ago.

Many nations were using embroidered pieces for the most sacred costumes in their life. To make the textile embroidery more valuable they were adding glass beads, metal and stones. After I’ve tried beads and stones embroidery I felt like the pieces are coming out too heavy what makes me reluctant to use them very often. After I’ve tried silk lace embroidery I felt like the jewelry looks more girlish and sweet what does not correspond to my own style. When I’ve learnt embroidery I understood that flat and monotone texture is not for me either. The magic began after I combined last two embroidery techniques to make bird brooches and first two for making headbands. Now I know what is my style and this is the way I feel the beauty. The most amazing thing is that there will be more experiments in future...



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