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What memories do YOU keep?

We posseess not only clothes but also memories.

Sustainable fashion or a way to give a new life to things.


"What Memories Do You Keep?" is a deeply personal and evocative piece that intertwines fragments of my history with a narrative on sustainability. This dress is a patchwork of my past and present, each piece of fabric meticulously selected for its unique story and emotional significance.


The dress includes a shirt from my university days, a garment that accompanied me on countless trips and adventures, symbolizing a period of growth and discovery. There is also a gifted item from a dear friend, a memento from a relationship that, though it has ended, remains a cherished part of my past.


A piece of Marimekko fabric represents a significant chapter in my life — a fresh start in a new country, embodying hope and new beginnings. The inclusion of baby clothes from my children, Eva and Luca, reflects the profound transformation their arrivals brought to my life, marking the transition into motherhood and the joy and challenges that came with it.


Visually, the dress is a harmonious collage of patterns and color block areas. Each fabric piece contributes to a dynamic and beautiful composition, blending vibrant prints with solid colors to create a cohesive and striking aesthetic. This careful arrangement of diverse elements mirrors the way memories and experiences are pieced together in life.


The whirlpool of stitches combines the front elements and merges them together, featuring the names of my children, Eva and Luca. This intricate stitching not only binds the fabric but also symbolizes the connection and continuity between different phases of my life. Each stitch represents the threads of love, memory, and identity that hold us together.


Each fabric piece was carefully chosen and sewn together using traditional patchwork techniques, symbolizing how disparate moments and memories are woven into the fabric of our lives. When we wear clothes to important events, memories get attached to them, and looking at those items brings back the good and bad occasions in our lives. This dress encapsulates that sentiment, making it a wearable diary of significant life events.


The dress not only tells a personal story but also advocates for sustainability. By repurposing these old garments, the artwork challenges the disposable nature of modern fashion and underscores the importance of reusing and recycling materials. "What Memories Do You Keep?" invites viewers to reflect on their consumption habits and recognize the potential of upcycling to preserve memories and reduce waste.


Presented alongside the memory-dress is a transparent mesh dress that hovers like a ghost next to it. This ethereal companion piece is intended to provoke contemplation among viewers, asking them to consider which memories they wish to keep and which to let go. The ghostly presence of the mesh dress symbolizes the intangible nature of memories and the choices we make about what to hold onto and what to release.


Through this artwork, I aim to highlight the beauty and significance of sustainable fashion, reminding us that our past can be reimagined to create a more thoughtful and sustainable future.

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